At the heart of the mine

The Minfo model represents a team of industry experts partnering with clients to establish a hub of production knowledge at the mine operation and supports the drive to deliver accurate production information within an interactive knowledge sharing community serving  operational objectives. 

The Minfo team has developed a robust approach to the challenges faced by mine management at their operations.

Beyond a reporting engine

While the basic building blocks of the Minfo delivery model are founded on its production information management solution, our unique
partnering model extends the service offering into a journey of measurable improved production efficiencies.

Forward thinking

Fuelled by its uniquely tailored delivery model, Minfo sets a new industry trend in operational knowledge sharing, enabling the mining team to share and tap into reliable operational performance indicators at an industry, company and operations level.

Partnering for guaranteed results

We do not merely deploy a software solution. We partner with our clients towards a long term business improvement relationship. Our partnership model is a perfect mix of specialist and coaching support within a knowledge sharing and production performance

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The bottom line

Within the mining industry, mining executives and production teams alike are continuously challenged by the lack of a common knowledge base on the sharing of operational indicators essential to maximising production efficiencies.

At an operational level this void often exists due to a lack of standardised, accurate and in-time production information. Production efficiency and productivity-based benchmark data tends to be disparate, difficult to access and with a low level of confidence with which to conduct meaningful business critical decision making.