At the heart of the mine.

The Minfo model represents a team of industry experts partnering with clients to establish a hub of production knowledge at the mine operation and supports the drive to deliver accurate production information within an interactive knowledge sharing community serving operational objectives.

The Minfo team has developed a robust approach to the challenges faced by mine management at their operations. Minfo has an outstanding track record in driving operational improvement so our mining clients consistently achieve production and efficiency targets. This is enabled through our unique partnering model that embodies the collective knowledge of the Minfo team of industry specialists.

The Minfo solution breaks through the boundaries of standard production performance reporting with an unprecedented partnership model that is structured towards guaranteed results. Together with its clients, Minfo is setting a new industry standard towards addressing efficiencies at the core of the operation and exploiting the mineral asset towards improved companywide bottom-line results.

With Minfo at the heart of the mine, operational insight is superior, business decisions clear and results guaranteed.