Beyond a reporting engine

A delivery model resulting in production information with integrity

While the basic building blocks of the Minfo delivery model are founded on its production performance management solution, our unique partnering model extends the service offering into a journey of measurable improved production efficiencies. These measured improvements relate to the movement of material (the company’s valuable asset) through the various processes of constant upgrading while simultaneously supporting the drive towards the optimal use of equipment resources. A production performance management hub is established serving as the “nerve centre” of improved productivity and efficiencies indicators.

The Minfo model recognizes that each mining operation is unique in terms of its size, type of mineral deposit, extraction and upgrading methods. These key factors are carefully considered when tailoring the delivery and partnering model with our clients to support the unique'production way of work' of each individual operation. The model is scalable to provide a platform for cross company and industry wide performance benchmarking analysis.

“Only that which is measured can be managed”. Minfo provides a systematic approach towards eliminating production information inaccuracies by formalising production data in a common and transparent information hub. Production events are accumulated at the source and then transformed into a series of relevant production indicators. Once production data is stabilised, resultant layers of improvement initiatives are extended through our partnering model.

The Minfo model is locked into a business improvement focus aimed at optimised return on reserve and effective equipment resource utilisation.