The bottom line

Within the mining industry, mining executives and production teams alike are continuously challenged by the lack of a common knowledge base on the sharing of operational indicators essential to maximising production efficiencies. At an operational level this void often exists due to a lack of standardised, accurate and in-time production information. Production efficiency and productivity-based benchmark data tends to be disparate, difficult to access and with a low level of confidence with which to conduct meaningful business critical decision making.

Without validated production information, decision-making is radically impeded, affecting operational efficiency and resulting in sub- optimised return on reserve for the company as a whole.

Mining professionals tend to face similar questions at the operational level of the business:

What are the real key operational levers to improve and optimise production throughput?
Is our supporting equipment optimally deployed to continuously achieve set production targets?
How do we ensure in-time responses to unpredictable production events?
How reliable are the operational data sets that are made available to us to support decision making for operational improvement?
Does our current operational database sufficiently support the operation’s need for rapid response to out-of-norm production events?
Do our process owners share a common view to act as a cohesive team addressing operational delays and ensuring effective day to day
operational decision making?